Take Calculated Risks

Take Calculated Risks

Graduation day is a special day in the hearts of every graduate. Years of hard work are finally paying off. You studied, wrote your tail off, maybe partied a little, but you succeeded. You reached the mountain top. For some, it is the first time in their family’s history that someone will be walking that stage. Others, it is expected through the long line of college grads that are in their family. However, no one talks about what’s next; that is when you must talk about. What risk does one take? One should take calculated risks.

What is next for most is the start of their career. Others choose to go back to school for a graduate degree. For both parties though, there is so much uncertainty. The same can be said for entrepreneurs or any business entering that “next phase” of their life. Even though this phase, this moment, can be terrifying, it can absolutely be beautiful and rewarding.

Make Your Own Luck

We have heard it said that “Fortune favors the bold!” It is a universal truth, but it does not come without risk. However, it was a risk to go to school. It was a risk to put all that time and effort into studying and writing countless essays. A risk to start your company, and risky business to bring on that “new employee.” But, if school, history, and business teach us anything, it is that we will be rewarded for taking those risks.

Those risks in college paid off with a degree to get you a job; those risks to start your own company led you to becoming a successful entrepreneur; and that risk to hire the new employee paid off when you were able to double your revenue. Therefore, be bold. Celebrate the wins and figure out where you can take those calculated risks to being an even better company than before. Then take the next leap, again, and again, and again.

Calculated Risks

But how do we take those calculated risks? We use tools at our disposal to help mitigate and balance out our risk. This is where cybersecurity becomes so crucial to a business success. The proper cybersecurity tools allow a company to explore their options to grow and generate further revenue. This also empowers a company to be bold without needing to be a daredevil with no regard for the consequences.

In conclusion, in order to succeed we must be bold risk takers, but with the proper tools that calculate and mitigate the freefall for us.


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