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Verify APIsIn today’s digital age, every enterprise aims to achieve seamless integration between different systems, applications, and platforms.

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established conglomerate, the flexibility to integrate various technologies can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and customer experience.

That’s where an API (Application Programming Interface) layer comes into play.



Why is an API layer essential for enterprises?

An API layer acts as a bridge between different software applications, allowing them to communicate with each other without human intervention. By introducing an API layer on top of an existing cloud or on-premises system, enterprises can:

  • Flexibility: Easily adapt to changing business requirements and add new features.
  • Integration: Connect multiple platforms, irrespective of their underlying technologies.
  • Scalability: Handle growing amounts of data or requests without affecting performance.
  • Innovation: Quickly deploy new applications or services to respond to market demands.

Many APIs are available for general use, others can be configured specific to client needs.  These are some of the publicly available APIs for general customer use.

Verify Swagger Documentation

Example Verify API Functions Include

  • Logon:
    Initiates a session for the user. Think of it as a digital handshake to start communication.
  • Get Customer(s): 
    Fetches details of a particular customer(s) from the database.
  • Get All Customers:
    Retrieves information for all customers, like a digital directory.
  • Upsert Customer:
    Adds a new customer or updates information for an existing one. It’s like adding or editing a contact in your phonebook.
  • Encrypt Data:
    Secures a piece of data, making sure only authorized individuals can read it.
  • Decrypt Data:
    Converts the secured data back to its original form so that it can be understood and used.
  • Zipcode Lookup:
    Provides details associated with a specific zipcode, much like looking up a location on a map.
  • Reset Password:
    Helps users to set up a new password if they forget or want to change their current one.
  • Get Entity Summaries:
    Retrieves a summary of entities, giving an overview without diving deep into the details.
  • Send Email:
    Allows the system to send out emails, whether it’s a group alert or a more specific transactional message.
  • Log-off:
    Ends the session, ensuring that the data remains secure after your task is completed.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Many more APIs are available, offering a plethora of functionalities to cater to diverse enterprise needs.

In a nutshell, the Verify API layer isn’t just a set of functions; it’s the backbone that ensures smooth operations, streamlined workflows, and unmatched efficiency for enterprises. Join us on this digital transformation journey and unlock endless possibilities!

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