Author Jared Knisley

Implementing Internal Controls for EGRC

Banks play a critical role in the global economy, and maintaining strong Enterprise Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (EGRC) practices is essential for their success and stability. Implementing robust internal controls is a key component of maintaining EGRC within a bank. Internal controls in a bank encompass a range of policies and procedures that are …

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Evolution of Technology

The Evolutionary Curve of Technology

Years ago, while studying for a technology degree, we were told that half of what you know today, will be obsolete in five years.  Whatever the statistic is, one thing is for certain: technology changes at a rapid pace.  Advancements in computing power, software development, and data storage allow for increasingly sophisticated systems and software …

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Best Cyber Security Companies

Best Cyber Security Companies

The Cyber Security company you pick is important, but even more important is how well you are willing to take their advice and integrate their processes into your company culture. Don’t just say you value cyber security, take important steps to embrace a culture of IT governance that will leave you well protected from the many Cyber vulnerabilities that exist in today’s environment.