Server Hosting and IT Support
IT Server Hosting and Cloud Support

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

When you partner with a Managed IT Services provider, it is because your business understands the one thing you can count on is uncertainty.  Stability in IT requires a constant proactive effort.

Computers and software will not always work as intended, and you need someone who can be there to prevent and respond to events. Don’t risk the odds, partner with a Managed IT Services provider who is willing to put in the time to protect you from the unknown. With robust staffing and multiple office locations worldwide, we have the resources to meet your needs.

Available Managed IT Services

  • Network Monitoring and Care
  • Remote Management and Monitoring
  • On-premise and Cloud Server Support
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Fully Staffed Help Desk
  • Business Continuity (Data Backups, Verification and Outage Planning)
  • Vendor Support
  • Custom Project Work
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Computer Hardware and Repair

At this time, we have computer hardware for sale at discounted prices.  Business owners supporting remote workers will benefit from these packages.  Complete computer setups are available (PC, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse) for $189.00.  Supplies are limited. Available for pick-up within Tampa Bay, pricing does not include shipping.  If you are interested in having existing computer equipment used by your business repaired, please contact us for an estimate.

IT Problem Solving and Ongoing Learning

The team at Fizen Technology loves solving Information Systems problems!  Our goal is to be a committed resource for your team in making crucial technology decisions for your business.   We do this by surrounding ourselves with great people and partners from within the industry, and by working nonstop to ensure you are receiving significant value for your investment.

As we grow and learn we document what we have discovered.  Find out more by browsing our Learning Center.

Ready to Hear More?

If you are looking for a new IT Support and Cloud Provider, give us a call.  We invite you to put us to the test - we never quit, we never give up - we will do what is necessary to empower your technology to work for you.