Drafting the right MSP

The Right MSP

The Right MSP

The NFL Draft was this past weekend in Las Vegas. Dreams came true for many of these athletes who have worked their entire life to hear their name called. Some were drafted in the first round, others in the later rounds, but they were still chosen because these franchises felt they could add value to their team. In the course of draft history, there have been the same number of number one draft picks as undrafted free agents that have become hall of famers. Despite the unparalleled scouting, stats, and attention, being a number one draft pick does not equate success. Hard work, dedication, and the right attitude can and will overcome natural talent that does not work hard every time.

The Right Fit

In business, the same can be said of SMB’s and MSP’s. While everyone wants the “best” or “number 1 prospect” what makes a difference is having the right fit. This is where so many teams and companies get it wrong when selecting an MSP to handle their IT. One of the biggest reasons why so many top prospects end up underperforming is because they went to the wrong team and into a bad situation. When choosing your MSP, you need to make sure that you are prioritizing the right scheme. You also want to make sure that your IT provider is dedicated to helping solve your problems, issues, and is working hard to help you succeed.

Tom Brady, arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, was drafted 199th in his draft. Once he arrived in New England, he told the coaching staff that he was the best decision they ever made. He delivered on that line by winning 7 Super Bowls. 6 with the Patriots and 1 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He did so, by being absolutely dedicated to his craft and always striving to be better. In business, you need to find your “Tom Brady” MSP. Someone who provides you with the best service possible and then delivering on that promise.


While they may not be the “number one draft pick,” that doesn’t mean you miss out on the best MSP, but if you do the proper scouting, you can draft the Right MSP for your company to take care of all of your IT needs. Contact us with any questions.