Author: Jared Knisley

Cybersecurity Preparation

Ransomware is a real and serious threat your business is facing. If you do not feel you are big enough to be a target, think again. Small businesses often do not have the IT infrastructure to defend against sophisticated and coordinated attack vectors. Hackers know it, giving cybersecurity preparation that much more importance. Bad actors, Read More »

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Ideas and Plans

Originally written for the Tampa Bay Business Journal Ideas and plans can work together or not at all. Have you ever failed?  Let’s be honest. We all have failed, and if you truly believe you have never failed, chances are you simply aren’t trying hard enough. Have you come across someone who claims to have never Read More »

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“I’m sorry.” Two powerful words that can make the difference between building a great or poor relationship. Over the years, I have heard some say that as a business, you should never apologize. Others seem to apologize regularly for anything and everything under the sun. Who is right, and how do you balance the two? Read More »

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