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Meet Our Management Team

~ IT Support and Cloud Provider, Fizen Technology® ~

We are laser focused on helping business clients reach their goals through the effective use of technology.

Jared Knisley - IT Services Executive

Jared Knisley

Managing Partner, Professional Services
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IT Services and Consulting Professional

Frank Roderus

Managing Partner, Managed Services
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vCIO Services and Support

How it Started

We thrive on providing B2B technology support to businesses.

Whether we are providing strategic technology advice to executive teams, helping to support complex cloud based enterprise solutions, enabling the latest in communication technologies, or keeping existing solutions running like well oiled machines – we are eager to show how we can make a positive difference in your business operations!

When Fizen Technology® launched ~ the objective was to achieve "Financial Zen" for clients through creative IT software and solutions support.  We want to enhance and support client productivity and stakeholder revenue goals. Customized software for the banking, finance and construction sectors were early industries Fizen Technology® entered, and growth into new verticals continues today.

Jared and Frank made the decision, given their complementary set of skills, to combine their businesses to offer a full suite of IT Services and Support to their customer base. By combining their Professional Services and Managed Services backgrounds and client base, a powerful collaborative team was built.

Jared and Frank both enjoy not only working together, but finding ways to improve their business through continuous process improvement, a growth oriented culture and strong client relationships.

Our team has spent years developing the skills that make us a great fit for providing IT Services to businesses.  We focus on developing ourselves and improving our abilities, each and every day.

We have worked on API integration efforts requiring custom developed software, vendor support, on-premise and off-premise IT Helpdesks; all devoted to helping a company meet and plan for its future Information Technology needs.

We are located in Tampa Florida, from which we coordinate and manage our Data Center, central IT Helpdesk and dedicated employees and partners from all over the world.

Ready to Hear More?

If you are looking for a new IT Support and Cloud Provider, give us a call.  You will find we have hired our staff not only based on their technical skills, but also based on their personalities.

Providing IT Services to other businesses can be challenging, our goal is to make the process enjoyable and rewarding.  We invite you to put us to the test - we never quit, we never give up - we will do what is necessary to empower your technology to work for you.