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EVS Compliance Check Software

“We at Fizen™ deeply value our wonderful partnership with EVS. As a leader in proven identity verification, fraud protection, risk mitigation, compliance, watchlist, and business verification solutions; we are confident our solutions have the data needed to ensure client satisfaction.”

Jared K.
Managing Principal of Fizen™

“Fizen™ is a trusted Solifi partner for our staff augmentation, software development, and project delivery needs.  Having a trusted partner has proved essential.  Thank you Fizen™ for the great work you and your team are doing for Solifi.”



“Jared took the time to understand our business so that they could advise us on our IT strategy, the number of cloud servers required, integration of our platforms, key quarterly maintenance items, security requirements, and more…we value Fizen™ as an IT partner who cares about our clients.”

Janet K.
CEO of Fit Minds

“Fizen™ is our full-service IT department. Fizen handles all of our cloud infrastructure, virtual desktop, onboarding and offboarding of staff. They also provide a support desk to all of our staff. They do a great job, and we know we can rely on them before, during and after any technical event, whether positive or negative. They have our backs! We highly recommend Fizen™ for all of your managed services, as well as HR IT services, anywhere in the country.”

Robert H.
Chairman of Restocon

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