IT Support & Service

When you partner with a BPO whose specializes in IT Support and Service, it is because you understand the one thing you can count on is uncertainty. Stability in technology requires
a constant proactive effort. IT Systems will not always work as intended, and you need someone who can be there, not just when, but long before Murphy’s Law rears its ugly head.

Help When You Need It (Virtual CIO, Project and Systems Management)

Technology does not stand still, you do not set it and forget it.  We want our strategic IT partnership to allow you to have someone to contact, based on your specific resourcing need.  Our goal is to always resolve technology issues and challenges before they become a problem, we want to stay ahead of the situation before it has a chance to impact your business.  Our project managers have direct experience with Software Development, IT Support, Cloud, Mobile, or Computer and Server Repair project efforts.

Custom Project Work (Software Upgrades, Enhancements, Integrations)

We work regularly on software development, cloud, mobile and custom project efforts.  Our developers help create and maintain APIs using SOAP/REST technologies to wire systems together securely.  We have on-shore and off-shore options to compliment a variety of resourcing needs, and work around the clock to maximize productivity and availability for our global clients.

Help Desk (Includes Vendor Partnership Support)

Our IT Help Desk offerings are designed on a per client basis, to be available based on your budget and the needs of your team.  We closely bundle endpoint monitoring solutions together to ensure our help desk is proactively aware of your needs.  We only hire qualified developers, engineers and consultants; who can be contacted in a variety of convenient ways.  We strive hard to ensure there is adequate coverage based on the needs of your business and know your IT Support and Service needs are critical to the success of your business.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Data continuity solutions ensure your critical information is kept secure and accessible.  True business continuity involves much more than simply taking backups.  We have a variety of IT Solutions which can be matched up to your strategic plan and budget.   We want to make sure your data is kept confidential, with a high degree of integrity and availability.

Computer and Server Hardware 

Our trained team of engineers have the tools you’ll need to upgrade or refresh your network, server room and workstations.  Our project managers will work with you to understand and coordinate the implementation of your new system.  Our model is designed to help you find equipment at prices that work for your business.  We can also assist with repairing computer hardware you wish to continue using.

Dedicated Account Management (Relationship Focused)

We all like to know who we can contact when important issues need to be discussed.   We all want to work with people who understand our needs and know how to manage our expectations.   We will align your account with a Dedicated Account Manager, Engineer and L1 Support Team.

Ready to Find Out More?

We offer a complete suite of services, complimented with dedicated partners and vendor relationships; that have been carefully put together to help you receive the most out of your IT Systems investment.

We want to stay one step ahead of problems with not only systems, but active team communications, long before gaps in decision making impact your capacity to work.