The Fizen Journey:
From Vision to Innovation

Discover how a leap of faith in 2015 grew into a leading force in financial technology.

Our Story and the Birth of Fizen™

Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the business technology landscape. Founded by Jared Knisley, our roots began in the equipment finance industry, where early founder expertise and industry insights led to the inception of our company. 

In 2015, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of the software needs in the financial sector, our founder took a leap of faith and launched Fizen™. Despite early setbacks common to startups, through determination and belief in the potential of innovative solutions and legendary service to bring value to business clients, our firm began to grow. 

Expanding Our Services

As the company evolved, we recognized the need for a broader, more comprehensive approach to serving our clients. This realization led to a pivotal moment in Fizen’s history – expanding our services to include operational IT support. Our goal became clear: to offer specialized services across various verticals, from professional services for system conversions and integrations to comprehensive technology support.  A true DevOps operation. 

The Development of Verify™

Our journey to create Verify™ began with a keen observation of the marketplace. Through our professional services team’s experiences with various projects, we identified a significant gap in the tools available for identity verification and compliance. This insight, coupled with our team’s entrepreneurial spirit, led to the development of Verify™. 

Verify™ was born out of our deep understanding of market needs. It helps ensure robust compliance checks, such as Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and many others are occurring against your customer records. The solution empowers you to verify customer identities, conduct risk assessments, and monitor suspicious transactions, thereby minimizing the risk of financial crimes and fortifying your institution’s integrity. 

Our Team, Partnerships, and Client Relations

Today, Fizen stands strong with a team of dedicated employees, complemented by strategic partnerships that allow us to provide 24/7 IT support for both traditional IT infrastructure and software platforms – a distinctive edge in our industry. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our carefully crafted processes and partnerships, ensuring that we’re always there when our clients need us. 

At Fizen, we pride ourselves on our client retention and employee satisfaction. Our approach has fostered loyalty and trust, allowing us to build lasting relationships with both our clients and our team members.

Adapting to Challenges and Our Vision for the Future

Even through challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Fizen emerged a more operationally robust organization. We adapted, optimized, and continued to grow, always keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront of our mission. 

Looking ahead, our vision is clear – to be respected as a leader in the technology consulting and IT management space. We’re committed to sharing our knowledge, fostering innovation, and continually expanding our network to better serve our clients. 

From our humble beginnings to our current position as a trusted partner, Fizen’s story is one of perseverance, adaptation, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to reshaping the future of financial technology, one client at a time. 

Join us on this exciting journey, and let’s reshape the future, together.