Zero Trust Security: Trust No One

Zero Trust Security

There are so many superheroes out there in comic book world. From Superman, to Captain America, to Storm of the X-Men. However, my personal favorite superhero is Batman. Since I was a small child, Batman has always been whom I have gravitated towards. There are many reasons why Bruce is such a great character; but I want to focus on how he has a plan for everything. He plans with Zero Trust Security in mind. Let me explain.

In the animated movie Justice League: Doom; the villain, Vandal Savage, hacks into the Batcave. He gains access to contingency plans Batman has created in case the Justice League were to turn evil. While I highly suggest that you watch that movie, the sheer audacity of Batman to create such plans causes obvious tension between him and the other members of the Justice League. But why? Why does Batman do this? The concept is easy really, it’s his own Zero Trust Model.

Trust No One and Trust Nothing

Zero Trust boils down to a simple concept meaning, “Trust no one and trust nothing.” Batman creates these contingency plans, “Just in case.” As stated above, he’s doing a Zero Trust Model. In the ever-growing tech world, cybersecurity is becoming more and more paramount to CIO’s, small businesses, and the average user. Therefore, to protect their data, companies are implementing Zero Trust Models to protect themselves. Zero Trust also allows employees to access their company server from anywhere allowing them to work from home or on the road. Because the system doesn’t trust anyone or anything, it forces employees to authenticate themselves in multiple ways to guarantee that they are who they say they are.

Fizen Technology

If you are looking to upgrade your cyber security, be like Batman, have a contingency plan for everything, even your own employees, and install Zero Trust Models into your software and hardware. Remember, trust no one, and trust nothing…. except us of course, lol. Do contact us with any questions you may have.