IT Helping HR Helping You

Working Remotely

Pre-pandemic, one in every sixty workers were working remotely. That number had risen to one in four. Remote work or a hybrid remote-office implementation seems to be here to stay.

A group of managers were surveyed and they feel that about 23 percent of workers will be remote in five years. This adds even more tasks to an HR department as they hire new employees or terminate current employees who could be located anywhere in the world. As a BPO, we at Fizen™ have seen the benefits of our clients using us to help manage the coming and going of devices as their company’s workforce became more and more remote. Let me highlight how IT has become an important arm of HR departments.  

Offload Your Onboarding and Off-boarding

The time spent by HR and IT departments preparing laptops for new employees, refreshing current employees devices, or entering former employees’ laptops into inventory can add up fast.  We average 1 – 2 hours per laptop when it comes to any of those situations. Giving this responsibility to a BPO can save valuable time spent onboarding and off-boarding.

Logical Logistics

Part of that onboarding and device renewal process involves storing laptop inventory and shipping laptops. Having someone in charge of the shipping process will lessen one more task from your HR department. By having the laptop arrive on time, it can also help build the employee’s confidence in their employer.

Question Central

There are dozens of tasks required by an employee when they are onboarding. This can lead to many questions, especially about their computer and other devices. A BPO can provide a central solution for employees, new or old, to turn to with their technology questions. Meanwhile HR can focus on the other administrative tasks required when someone is hired.

Happy Hires

Research by Brandon Hall Group found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent. Conversely, Gallup found that only 12 percent of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding employees. Great onboarding’s are the result of scalable processes. A BPO used as an onboarding solution will improve this experience for all involved: HR, Internal IT and employees alike.


Fizen™ will help guide and alleviate onboarding’s for your HR and IT departments. At Fizen™, we offer a complete suite of services that have been carefully put together to help you receive the most out of your IT systems investment. Feel free to contact us today.