Author name: Matt Riebow

Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity Threats Cybersecurity Threat Highlights Every month our partner, F-Secure, sends a report on the previous month’s common cybersecurity threats. Here are some of the highlighted Cybersecurity Threats, or lowlights, for your review: Major Ransomware Attacks Continue A major car dealer in the UK, Pendragon, who own about 160 dealerships were hit by LockBit 3.0. [...]

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The Mind is the Best Defense

Cybersecurity Trends According to a report from Crowdstrike, well-known cybersecurity companies have become the most recent victims of impersonation attacks. The phishing campaign uses a fake e-mail, which looks as though it is coming from a real cybersecurity company, that then urges the user to call them. Social engineering ensues with attempts to install a

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