Use What You Already Have

Getting More From Your IT System

In a previous post, we talked about organizations getting more out of the IT System they already have.  In my career, I’ve found it useful to dig up those little known or unused tools; to share them with others.  Microsoft Delve is one of those tools.  It has been around in some form since 2014 but thanks to limited marketing efforts, most people don’t know about it.

Make Your IT System Work for Your Business

Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without

~  WWII Era Slogan

What is Delve?

To put it in Microsoft 365 terms, Delve is a data visualization tool that uses elements of inter-office social networking and machine learning to find the documents and files that you are most likely needing access to right now.  In different terms, if you’ve ever known someone who notoriously loses their keys or wallet, Delve is like the person who knows them well enough to know exactly where they probably put them.

Have you ever been stuck searching through your emails for a document that you know your boss shared with you so you could edit and report on it?  All you need to do is open Delve, click on your boss’s name and you’ll see a visual of all the documents and files (even email attachments) that they are working that you have access to.  It doesn’t change permissions, and doesn’t show private files, it only shows content that is relevant to you and your connections in your office.

Just as we’ve discussed before, you probably already have Delve available to you with your Microsoft 365 installation, but you just need to know it is there and know how to use it.  Getting more out of what you have…don’t ignore it anymore.  Fizen is here to help with a solid deployment strategy of the tools that you need to be more productive, especially in our current environment.

Fizen Technology

At Fizen we recognize that an IT service provider should do more than just push buttons to make things work, and that is why we are putting together a few live virtual training sessions with a veteran Microsoft Trainer and PD Specialist on getting the most out of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. 

Let’s make your IT System work for you.  Having IT work is the baseline but making IT work for you is where we want you to be.