Paws for the Cause

Empowering Change: Fizen™ and Vincent House Join Forces for Mental Health

A Powerful Partnership for Mental Health Support

In a powerful collaboration, Fizen™ has partnered with Vincent House. This partnership aims to raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention through the Pinellas County Paws for Prevention event. This event takes place on September 30th, at Walsingham Park, Shelter 7, Seminole, FL. Registration begins at 9am EST and the event runs from 10am – 12pm EST. The festivities include a Pet Parade, Arts & Crafts,  Pawty-Time at the Dog Park, Yard Games, and more!

The Fight for Recovery

For years, Vincent House has been a beacon of hope. Their mission assists, promotes, and celebrates individuals recovering from mental illness. Vincent House empowers these individuals as they improve their skills and reintegrate into the community. They provide a nurturing environment to help people regain purpose and dignity.

Taking Action Against Suicide

At the heart of this partnership is a shared dedication. Both partners aim to support mental health and prevent suicide. Suicide remains a pressing concern, impacting countless lives. Fizen™ and Vincent House are stepping up to make a difference. They will participate in the Pinellas County Paws for Prevention event an initiative combating suicide. It contributes to the AFSP’s goal of a 20% lower suicide rate by 2025.

As the “Team Captain” for the fundraiser, Pedro is taking center stage. Pedro is the charismatic mascot of Fizen™. With his playful spirit and enthusiasm, Pedro is a symbol of unity and hope. He reminds us every step taken brings us closer to a world with fewer barriers.

With a $300 goal, Fizen™ and Vincent House invite all to contribute. Each donation supports the fight against suicide. Sharing the initiative, attending events, and donating all make an impact. They have the power to save lives.

As Fizen™ and Vincent House strive to make a lasting impact on mental health and suicide prevention, we extend an invitation to everyone to join the cause. By donating, spreading awareness, and participating in events, you become part of a movement that aims to transform lives and create a brighter, more supportive future for all. Together, we can help rewrite the narrative surrounding mental health, replacing despair with hope and isolation with community.