October Cybersecurity Threat Highlights

October Cybersecurity Threat Highlights Every month our partner, F-Secure, sends a report on the previous month’s common cybersecurity attacks. Here are some of the highlights, or lowlights, from October 2022: Major Ransomware Attacks Continue A major car dealer in the UK, Pendragon, who own about 160 dealerships were hit by LockBit 3.0. It is reported …

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The Mind is the Best Defense

According to a report from Crowdstrike, well-known cybersecurity companies have become the most recent victims of impersonation attacks. The phishing campaign uses a fake e-mail, which looks as though it is coming from a real cybersecurity company, that then urges the user to call them. Social engineering ensues with attempts to install a tool which …

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Best Cyber Security Companies

Best Cyber Security Companies

The Cyber Security company you pick is important, but even more important is how well you are willing to take their advice and integrate their processes into your company culture. Don’t just say you value cyber security, take important steps to embrace a culture of IT governance that will leave you well protected from the many Cyber vulnerabilities that exist in today’s environment.