Cybersecurity Considerations for Small Businesses

Bolstering Cybersecurity Defenses: Why SMBs Need Managed IT Services

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face growing cybersecurity threats today. MSPs help improve cybersecurity by preparing companies to defend against these cybersecurity threats. Research shows over 60% of SMBs have experienced a cyber attack. With limited IT budgets and staff, SMBs often struggle to defend against cyber threats. By partnering with a managed service provider (MSP), SMBs can enhance their security posture against common threats as MSPs take action to improve cybersecurity through enterprise-grade tools and expertise.

Top Cybersecurity Threats Facing SMBs


Phishing remains one of the top threats targeting SMBs. Social engineering tactics actively deceive employees into clicking malicious links or entering login credentials. Through impersonation and tactics that create urgency, phishing emails actively trick users into compromising systems. MSPs implement comprehensive phishing simulation and training to make employees more aware of different phishing methods and tactics. This actively builds resistance and detection skills against even sophisticated phishing attempts.


Furthermore, ransomware actively evolves as a threat that can entirely cripple SMBs by encrypting critical files and systems until ransom is paid. Newer ransomware strains use high evasion and leverage multiple infection vectors. MSPs deploy layered endpoint detection and response tools to proactively block ransomware before it executes. Additionally, access controls, least privilege policies, and dark web monitoring actively guard against ransomware attacks. MSPs also ensure backups are air-gapped so encrypted files can be restored without paying ransom.

Weak Passwords

Moreover, easily guessed and compromised passwords actively remain a top security vulnerability for SMBs. Weak passwords actively allow attackers easy access to networks, cloud apps, and other systems. MSPs implement and enforce strong password policies across the IT environment. Multi-factor authentication actively adds an additional layer of protection by requiring secondary credentials beyond just a password.


Additionally, malware actively comes in many forms including trojans, spyware, worms, and viruses. It is often actively delivered through drive-by infected websites, tainted downloads, or malicious email attachments. MSPs deploy advanced anti-malware tools, email content/attachment filtering, endpoint detection and perimeter network defenses to block malware infiltration and execution.

Unsecured Cloud Apps

Furthermore, shadow IT actively presents security risks as employees sign up for SaaS apps that bypass IT oversight. MSPs catalog and assess all cloud apps in use through Cloud Access Security Brokers. They actively block unsecured apps or protect them with added security controls. MSPs actively apply access policies based on user roles.

Insider Threats

Moreover, insiders, whether careless or disgruntled employees, actively cause a large portion of security incidents. MSPs implement security awareness training combined with user activity monitoring to detect and respond to suspicious insider actions. They also apply access controls and privileged access management solutions to limit insider risk.

Lack of Data Backups

Additionally, SMBs actively risk permanent data loss from cyber attacks or hardware failures without consistent, automated and secure backups to recover from. MSPs ensure backups are performed daily for files, databases, systems, and entire networks. They actively encrypt backups, store them offsite/air-gapped, and regularly test them for guaranteed recoverability.

How MSPs Enhance SMB Security

In conclusion, by partnering with an MSP for their cybersecurity needs, SMBs gain access to enterprise-grade security tools and threat intelligence that would be costly and complex to implement alone. MSPs stay current on threats, monitor networks 24/7, optimize security configurations, and minimize gaps through a layered defense model. MSP security services provide SMBs with ongoing protection and peace of mind.


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