Business IT Support

Mitsubishi and Fizen™

Business IT Support Providing Business IT Support is at the heart of Fizen™. Over years of working together with Mitsubishi a wonderful relationship has formed. We love our clients and the deep lasting relationships that often develop as a result.

BOSS Magazine

Fizen™ was recently featured in BOSS Magazine with Mitsubishi HC Capital America. The featured article, which you can click here to review, stresses the importance of valuing people and culture when merging together complex IT systems.

At Fizen™, we have found successful implementations contain the following three G attributes,

Great People

Your people are at the heart of any information systems product. As a company, we realize it is our people that are the real product. We can spend all the time and money in the world on creative marketing and great branding, but your people are the ones who are going to pull the project over the finish line.

Great Communication

We have never had a client complain about too much communication. Setting up re-occurring and value-added meetings, is key to ensuring issues and concerns are not brewing under the surface. Keep the meeting short and sweet, the key is frequent communication that is open and transparent. Push through the superficial cultural nuances that often exist when working with teams in a complex enterprise environment, have the hard conversations early on to address challenges before they boil over.

Great Collaboration

Challenges will always exist when building complex IT Systems. Throughout the engagement, you will need to assume that patience, trade-offs, and focusing on key priorities will be required. The ability to work collectively is critical to working through the challenges that will occur, to stay focused on your transformational goals. Having the team on the same bus headed to the same destination is critical to sustain future success; change is never easy.


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