Jared Knisley Shares Entrepreneurial Insights on The Equipped Podcast

Jared Knisley Shares Entrepreneurial Insights on The Equipped Podcast

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On a captivating episode of The Equipped Podcast, host Lane Taylor welcomed Jared Knisley, the founder of Fizen™. Jared discussed his entrepreneurial journey and his company’s innovative approach to delivering IT solutions. It was an honor for him to share insights and experiences on this esteemed podcast.

Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The episode explored how Jared’s entrepreneurial journey ignited in childhood through ventures like attempting to sell yard waste. This early lesson taught him that buyers ultimately determine value. Moreover, Jared recounted his first taste of success with a lemonade stand, despite not having an entrepreneurial family background.

The Unforeseen Challenge

As Jared reflected on his college years and tech-focused entrepreneurial attempts, he opened up about the unforeseen challenge transcending technical hurdles – mastering sales and marketing. Consequently, this journey illuminated that true entrepreneurship extends beyond technical expertise. It involves connecting your solution with market needs, reshaping Jared’s business perspective.

Fizen™’s Comprehensive Approach

At the heart of the discussion was Fizen™’s comprehensive approach to IT services. Specifically, the company offers support, implementation, and creation services. This three-pronged strategy enables Fizen to cater to diverse IT needs for small to midsize businesses and enterprises seeking outsourced solutions.

Support: Robust Technological Operations

First, Jared shared Fizen’s dedicated help desk and team of IT engineers equipped to address technological challenges. Their expertise ensures reliable operations for clients, whether routine maintenance or complex problem-solving.

Implementation: Seamless Integration

Additionally, the podcast discusses the company’s specialization in deploying key technologies like Salesforce and Appian. Jared discussed how their implementation services seamlessly integrate advanced platforms, enhancing efficiency and optimizing operations.

Creation: Proprietary Technology Innovation

Furthermore, Jared touched on Fizen’s ability to create proprietary technology. He shared insights into their software development team’s work on unique compliance screening platforms, showcasing their capacity to produce specialized solutions in-house.

A Comprehensive IT Partner

Jared emphasized Fizen’s mission to serve as a comprehensive IT partner offering a one-stop solution. The company allows clients to harness technology’s full potential, ensuring they have the necessary tools and support for growth and efficiency.

The Key to Success: Persistence and Grit

In a candid discussion, Jared shared his perspective – the key to success is persistence and grit. He shares that true success stems not from sheer intelligence or resources but from embodying tenacity and relentlessly pursuing goals despite obstacles. Jared’s message is clear: success is crafted through persistent effort.

This engaging episode provided listeners with a glimpse into Jared’s mind. His insights and Fizen’s comprehensive IT solutions offered inspiration and valuable lessons for other entrepreneurs or businesses seeking technological leverage.


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