Managing Amazon Photos

Smart iPhoto Storage

Managing Amazon Photos can come with twists and turns.  With an iPhone your photos are backed up to iCloud, but if you are like most people, you have years upon years of photos.  You might be paying more than needed for your storage.

The Full Scoop

This was the position I was in, as I have had an iPhone since the iPhone 3G, with many years worth of photos on my phone.  The longer I use the phone, I of course will continue to increase the amount of iCloud storage and thus increase my costs.  This is where the Amazon Photos App comes in handy!  If you have Amazon Prime, you can use the Amazon Photos App to also backup your phone to achieve unlimited storage for your photos.  Please note, while you get unlimited backup of photos you only get 5GB for videos.

Learn to Manage your Amazon Photos

Once you install the Amazon Photos App and open it for the first time, you will be presented a screen to select “auto-save”, so that photos are backed up automatically.  An option to backup photos over cellular is also available, which I would only recommend if your cell phone plan also includes unlimited data.

The main screen on the Amazon Photos App has a few options at the bottom that allow you to view all the photos that have been backed up to Amazon; you can share photos with contacts, view and create different albums, memories, etc.  The more option will show you the amount of photos pending upload to Amazon.

The setting icon gives you the ability to sort pictures by people.  You will need to allow the Amazon facial recognition to tag photos first, helping to indicate the places photos were taken, photos with specific items in them; (e.g. plants, food, cars, etc) sorted by the date taken.

Keep in mind that you can also purchase additional space to keep all your videos if they consume more than 5GB.  If you have questions, do always feel free to reach out!