Creating a gmail account

Need help creating a Gmail account? Whether you are using it for personal or work-related use. Gmail has become one of the most used email platforms and has been around since 2004 with a whopping 1.8 billion user accounts. However, not everyone has made the switch over to Gmail as of 2021. There are some benefits of making the switch.

Benefits of a Gmail Account

1. It’s free for everyone to use

2. It has excellent filters to keep your inbox free of spam.

3. Gmail accounts come with a ton of storage for you to use

4. You can change the theme of your inbox 

5. Google provided countless plugins and extensions that are free to use. 

6. You can Google search right inside your inbox.

7. Easily Accessible – your account can be accessed anywhere where there is internet access.

8. It’s very secure, reliable and rarely crashes


Join Jerry Chapman at Fizen Technology® as he shares with us how you can set up a Gmail account for personal use.

Getting Started:

  1. Bring your learning cap with you
  2. You will need a computer or device with access to a web browser
  3. Get ready to learn!