Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcut keys

Are you looking to save some time while using your computer? Using shortcuts can make you more efficient when working at your computer. As a result, you’ll reach less for the mouse and find that you feel a bit more productive. In addition, you can combine the advantages of using the keyboard with those of using the mouse. There are tasks done with the mouse, such as browsing the web pages and clicking links. However, you can use the keyboard to navigate within the page or between tabs, and the beauty of it is that you can do both at the same time. Find which shortcuts are most beneficial for you and help you work more efficiently throughout the day. For example, these are the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts:

  • Selecting all text
  • Switching windows
  • Opening browsers
  • Locking your screen
  • Undoing text

Developers are always looking for ways to implement further improvement on how we use shortcuts. The latest developments are currently gesture-based shortcuts using your hands or wrists. Another company is working on developing finger-aware shortcuts, sensing your hand posture while also allowing secondary movements. These developments are revolutionary and may be used in the near future. If you’re new to shortcuts, it can be a learning curve to get the hang of all the shortcuts available to us.

To learn more about shortcuts, Join Matt Riebow at Fizen Technology® as he shares with us how you can use keyboard shortcuts to work more effectively on your Windows PC.

Getting Started:

  1. You will need a Windows based computer
  2. This video uses Microsoft Word, a word processor, while providing examples of many common shortcuts
  3. Get ready to learn!