4 Ways IT Can Help HR to be More Efficient at Onboarding and Beyond

The human resource department is a crucial part of your organization as it manages the most important resource in your business: personnel. To be effective, IT can help HR find the best tools and resources to recruit, hire, train, and retain employees. 

However, HR cannot achieve all of these on their own. They need support from other departments such as IT. Here are 4 ways HR and IT can collaborate:

IT can help HR with more targeted and efficient hiring

Your IT team can be of great help to your HR department throughout the hiring and onboarding process. Starting before employees are hired, to hiring and induction. There are many roles where IT can HR chip in to make the employee experience more desirable.

For instance, your IT team can help your HR department reach a wider pool of potential employees by helping them use online tools such as LinkedIn. When choosing the best candidates, your HR team will need several technology tools and websites. Your IT department can help them find such tools, and reduce the load on human resources.

IT can help HR with employee induction and training

After hiring recruits, the next steps are induction and training.  Induction is relatively easy, especially if you are using the right tools. However, training can be a little challenging, especially when you don’t have the right technology. 

Your IT department can help HR identify tools and systems that can help smooth the training process for recruits. For instance, they can help create a web-based tool that HR can then use to train new employees. 

Lessons and training delivered through web-based tools and software may be more effective and easier for the recruits to use. They can easily access it and refer back to the training materials whenever they have a problem. Since web-based training allows employees to teach themselves, it speeds up the training process and helps employees settle in faster than if they had to go through it manually.

IT can provide tools for performance management

After training your employees, you expect to see them perform in their respective roles in your organization. The only way to tell if this is happening is by conducting regular performance evaluations. 

Your IT team can help HR to come up with performance standards and a way of evaluating them. This way, it becomes easier to gauge employee performance as there is a set standard you can use to measure against. Proper performance management can only happen with the right tools in place.

For instance, with the right technology in place, you can tell whether your employees meet their expectations for the previous year. If they fall short, you can tell whether they failed by 15% or 75%.  This way, you have more accurate data that help you improve your workers’ experience and help them perform at their best.

There are many software tools available online that can help you evaluate employee performance.  However, your IT team should step in periodically to help streamline the tools and ensure that the right tools are chosen in the first place.  

When you focus on using IT for HR planning and management, you will see a drastic improvement in the way your HR department works. IT makes HR jobs much easier.

IT can help HR with employee engagement and retention

After you have gauged your employees’ performance and provided them with appropriate feedback to help them improve their performance, you must continue to engage them and retain them in your organization. Remember that it costs you money and time to recruit, hire, and train employees. You don’t want to lose investment, nor your top talent, by losing your employees to other companies. 

Your IT and HR departments can work together to engage and retain employees by collaborating on managing a human resource information system. With such a system in place, it becomes easier for your HR managers to plan, conduct regular employee assessments and provide the needed feedback.

When it comes to retaining your employees, your HR department needs to be at the top of industry best practices and practice them regularly. They cannot achieve this without the proper technology. Your IT team can help in selecting and implementing the technology to help HR perform at their best to ensure that your top talent remains in the organization.

Final word

Your technology team can significantly change the way your HR department preboards, onboards, and retains employees. IT can help HR communicate better with employees, analyze your workers’ performance, and work more efficiently. Without collaboration between HR and IT, your organization will have a hard time managing human resources. 

At Fizen Technology, we help you hire, onboard and nurture an incredible team by helping you execute the technical vision your business needs to survive. If you would like our team to help your HR department to better manage your talent pool, contact us today.