Why OWASP is Essential for Our Application Security at Fizen Technology

Why OWASP is Essential for Our Application Security at Fizen Technology

At Fizen Technology, we understand that application security is critical for every piece of software we build and maintain. As a leading software development and IT services firm, our clients trust us to keep their systems and data safe. That’s why the OWASP Top 10 list is required reading for our developers and IT professionals.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an organization that provides invaluable guidance on building secure software applications. At Fizen Technology, we make OWASP resources central to our application security strategy across software development and IT services.

Embracing OWASP for Secure Software Development

As a software development shop, Fizen relies on OWASP guidelines to architect, build, and test secure code. OWASP’s Top 10 list outlines the most critical web application security flaws, serving as a blueprint for developers and quality assurance teams.

Our software engineers receive extensive secure coding training based on OWASP materials. We conduct in-depth design and code reviews for every project to catch security issues early. Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning also leverage OWASP testing methodologies to surface risks before applications are deployed.

By embedding OWASP principles throughout development, Fizen produces highly secure software that protects our clients’ data and systems. OWASP sets the standard for code-level protections that our developers meet on every project.

Through a meticulous review of the OWASP Top Ten, we have consistently prioritized the fortification of our applications against injection vulnerabilities, a notorious risk in the realm of cybersecurity for more than a decade. We did this by creating parameterized queries in our SQL ensuring that our user inputs are treated as data, not executable code. We also sanitize and validate user inputs to block malicious scripts. Another big defense we implement is Real-time Monitoring. Continuous monitoring of our systems allows for the prompt identification of unusual patterns or suspicious activities, enabling us to take proactive measures before any significant harm occurs. This is just one of many ways Fizen Technology has utilized OWASP to directly guide our recent development efforts.

Applying OWASP Across IT Managed Services

In addition to software, Fizen provides managed IT services to clients. Our IT teams use OWASP insights to strengthen security across the environments we support.

OWASP guides the security assessments we perform when taking on new clients. We scan for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and benchmark security posture against OWASP guidelines. Fizen also uses OWASP Cheat Sheets as reference materials when configuring client systems and networks.

For monitoring and response, our SOC team leverages OWASP threat intelligence and tools. We have playbooks aligned to mitigating OWASP Top 10 risks should they materialize. OWASP is indispensable for making sure client networks are resilient against application security threats.

OWASP: Our Application Security North Star

By fully adopting OWASP recommendations, Fizen provides customers with the most comprehensive application security available. OWASP’s evolving guidelines reflect the latest real-world threats, giving our teams the knowledge to combat them.

We mandate OWASP training for all technical staff and keep OWASP Top 10 risks top of mind throughout our work. Our disciplined use of OWASP resources has prevented major security incidents to date. When issues do occur, our OWASP expertise allows rapid response.

At Fizen Technology, OWASP is fundamental to everything we do. OWASP’s prominence across our development and IT services means our clients’ applications and systems are secure by design. We are proud to point clients to OWASP as the model for our application security programs. OWASP sets the bar, and Fizen works tirelessly to clear it.

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