Communication is Key We have seen that a lack of sufficient effective communication can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and escalations, especially between those operating in technical versus business delivery roles. The Full Scoop Have you ever had an opinion that you were certain was accurate? Even when the subject area was foreign to you? Have [...]

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The Value in Not Responding

Have you ever put an enormous amount of effort into an event or relationship, only to have your efforts seemingly backfire? Reflect on when you responded promptly and should not have, what can you do in the future to allow time for urgent situations to self-resolve. We all perceive and view the world differently, learn to prioritize

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Drained Resources

Drained Resources After a few painful ordeals with clients we came the the conclusion that changes needed to occur in our approach. Some clients just weren't worth keeping or jeopardized our ability to service our best clients. No organization can thrive when resources are drained.  Employee exhausting is a real threat to the success of

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Sometimes Less is More

Keeping it Simple Have you ever spent a great deal of time coming up with options and solutions for a client, only to frustrate and overwhelm them in the process? Let's discussing the importance of keeping it simple.  Essentially, always remember that sometimes less is in fact more. Key Takeaways Most people desire a short

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