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Do More With Less, Use The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle

Implementing the Pareto Principle Have you ever spent an enormous amount of time on a task that ended up not proving useful or needed? Has this happened to you time and time again? Learn to use 'The Pareto Principle'. The Full Scoop The Pareto Principle is the observation that 80% of any result is attributable [...]

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Use Chesterton's Fence While Working with IT Systems

Chesterton’s Fence

Chesterton’s Fence Often within Information Technology, we are working with IT Systems that were built by a predecessor and may not have been properly documented.  Members of your helpdesk staff and development teams will find processes in place that do not have an obvious function. Caution should be taken before making changes; when the intended

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Say, 'No Thanks', to work outside your Core Competencies

When to Say “Thanks” but “No Thanks”

Core Competencies Have you ever had a client relationship go from good to bad, after a failed initiative? What if you had decided to pass on the opportunity?  Learn when to say "No Thanks" to work that does not align with your Core Competencies. The Full Scoop I was recently contemplating the relationship between the

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Following Up, Critical for Effective Management

Learn to Follow Up Don't fall into the trap of believing that, since an assignment was given, it is in the process of being completed. "Trust but verify" is a tried and true Russian proverb that will work for you if employed properly. Learning to follow-up is critical for Effective Management. The Full Scoop The

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