Computer Repair

IT Accountability and Operational Transparency

Four Eyes

IT Accountability No, no... not what the schoolyard bullies use to say about your glasses.  Besides, they were just jealous of your true awesomeness.  Have you considered using the four-eyes principle for ensuring greater IT accountability in your operations?  Let's take a look... Mistakes are very easy to make, even for detail oriented employees Take …

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IT Services and Technology Blind Spots

Hacking Love Bugs

Blind Spots These poor critters never stood a chance.  There they were, flying along, in love with life and whack - that was the end of it.  Do you ever feel taken by surprise?  How can we avoid blind spots in the daily commute of delivering IT Services to clients. How can we avoid business …

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Computers 101

Basic Overview of Computers Are you new to using a computer? Join Jerry Chapman at Fizen Technology® as he shares with us the basic components and aspects of using a computer. Unleashing Your Digital Destiny! Welcome, dear traveler, to a realm where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary—the realm of computers. Like mystical beings infused with …

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