Author: Fizen Technology

Communication is Key We have seen that a lack of sufficient effective communication can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and escalations, especially between those operating in technical versus business delivery roles. Too much communication is often better than a lack in communication. Keep in mind that your viewpoint on a situation is entirely unique to you. Read More »

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After a few painful ordeals with clients we came the the conclusion that changes needed to occur in our approach. Some clients just weren’t worth keeping or jeopardized our ability to service our best clients. Realize that some clients are not going to be worth the time and money to keep, they will sap your Read More »

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As the meeting started (late) we began to go over deep dive topics that were meant to bring attention to different positive and negative project trends within the group. Rarely would we get past the first couple of slides.  We would jump from one trivial topic to the next, ultimately the meetings were an ineffective Read More »

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