Virtual CIO

Develop Successful IT Processes as Habits

Breaking Bad Habits

Bad Habits Do you have a few habits you'd like to kick?  How can we rewire ourselves and our organizations to discard bad habits that are limiting our success? The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.  ~ Charles Duhigg The Full Scoop Does your organization have …

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Perfection in IT Service and Support

More Wabi-Sabi?

IT Service and Support Is your pursuit of perfection taking a toll in your relationships, health and business?  Where do you draw the line between the pursuit of perfection and "good enough"?  Let's explore how this beautiful concept applies to the field of IT Service and Support. There is beauty and authenticity to be found …

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The IT Checklist for Project Management

Check and Recheck

IT Checklist Have you ever been faced with a daunting and overwhelming task?  Have you wondered to yourself, "where do I even begin"?  As we adjust to the new normal of a remote workforce, it will be important to make sure we stay organized and focused on effective communication and project deliveries more than ever.  …

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IT Management and Automation

Automagically Complete

IT Management IT Management can feel like the art of impossible.  A client request comes in, the priority is always high, if it is not completed quickly and accurately expectations can easily fail to be met.  How are we using control automation effectively, to do more, quickly and accurately; like magic! Let's discuss how to …

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